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Enemies Within the Church: Show this to your Pastor


We’ve been very excited for the past two years about a film project titled Enemies Within the Church (EWTC) which addresses several topics that we at Conservative Christians of Tennessee have felt important enough to speak on multiple times in the last several years.

Everyone hoped that EWTC would squarely address the so-called social justice movement within the pulpits and seminaries of America. And it does so in a manner that is authoritative and unflinching. The film addresses the teachings of many social justice heretics such as Dr. Russell Moore of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission fame. It further addresses groups such as the Kern Family Foundation and Oukina. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the scope of the film became broader than just the social justice movement. The “Who? What? Where? and When?” of the Marxist infiltration into church leadership is also extremely detailed and impossible to refute. Experts with first-hand knowledge and evidence back up their claims and point to devastating leadership failings that churches can no longer ignore.

The production and development of this project are superb. The cinematography and story are enough to captivate anyone for the entire two-hour feature. However, quite possibly the greatest thing to come out of the production is the Wokepedia. This Wiki is a collection of known woke preachers or leaders. Wokepedia is going to be an invaluable asset for anyone looking to help others avoid being deceived by the split-tongued non-answers many of these people offer when called out for their duplicity.

Wokepedia updates frequently

The EWTC website is now streaming the movie or you can order a DVD copy for $14.95 USD. We highly recommend you purchase this and share it with your pastor or other people within your church leadership. The best way to end the manipulations and deceptions from seminary or church leaders is to make sure they understand that the members in the pews are watching and will hold them accountable for false teachings.

We are pleased that filmmakers Judd Saul, Trevor Loudon, and Pastor Cary Gordon have done an excellent job with the production while still remaining focused on a scripturally supported rebuke of heretical teachings. From the EWTC site:

“The production team of Enemies Within: The Church is faithfully committed to working within the Biblical parameters of such important duties, as commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 18:15-20, and echoed by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians chapter 5, and in Ephesians 5:1- 15. They are an eclectic group of independent experts, from various backgrounds and church denominations, who have united in this great cause to promote a return to the fundamentals of Christianity.”

This level of scriptural commitment while creating a high-quality, and factual production, makes us hopeful that we will see more Christian productions done as well as EWTC.

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