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Friday update: Tennessee Special Session update

Two days ago, we penned an article summarizing the efforts in the Tennessee General Assembly, which includes both houses of the Tennessee State legislature) to hold a special session to protect the rights of Tennesseans.

First, it is clear that the House is willing to act. However, the senate is in quagmire. All 73 members of the House Republican caucus have signed speaker Cameron Sexton’s letter calling for a special session; many Senators seem reluctant to even speak on the issue.

One example of someone willing to speak is Senator Brian Kelsey. Sen. Kelsey stated in an interview with Tim van Horn that both he and Senator Paul Rose support a special session. However, Senator Paul Rose told one of our sources that he is not fully in favor of a special session. His position seems unclear — and quite typical of what we are seeing from the Senate as an overall body.

State Senator Page Walley gave the following statement to our Director, Matthew Nowlin, this morning: “Addressing the issue of the unelected Shelby County Health Dept. making policy decisions rather than simply advising locally elected public or private school boards is the primary matter. A special session is only one possible way-and an expensive one for taxpayers-to achieve that. All options can and are being considered.”

But there have been some developments. The governors office is feeling enough heat from multiple angles that they have responded to some of the more extreme allegations against Bill Lee’s ridiculous Executive Order 83. We included a link to the executive order Because it says what it says, despite protestations from the governors office. Please note, the governors office only responded to issues that are designed to make concerns about the executive order look implausible or ridiculous. The executive order speaks for itself. It is a constitutional monstrosity, exemplifying the constitutional mess Bill Lee has taken advantage of during the COVID happenings.

The Tennessee lookout, an admittedly Liberal news outlet, has released an article questioning several contracts granted by the Lee administration during the State of emergency. . We do think there is merit to these reports, as we have received many bits of corroborating information in the past months. These are serious allegations that should be fully investigated.

We are awaiting a release of a legal opinion from the Shelby County attorney regarding the nature of the health departments authority, and where it comes from. This is obviously not any type of binding court ruling, but the county attorney’s statement will have a serious impact on Governor Lee’s image, and either quiet or amplify the concerns of citizens and elected officials across the state.

For conservatives and lovers of the constitution, your best option remains to put pressure on your state senators. Make them aware that you’re watching them, and that you expect them to call for a special session that matches the scope called for by Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton.

To find your State Senator’s contact information, click here.

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