Shelby County Commission: No Citizens in Government

On December 4, the Shelby County Commission put out a press release, stating among other things that “We cannot allow the public to gather in mass at the omission meetings as was done on Monday, November 23…” You can read the full press release below.

December 4 Press Release

Conservative Christians of Tennessee has long been of the opinion that Public Health is being abused as a means of stripping the public of their rights. This incident clearly reinforces this perception.

Consider what happened on Monday, November 23. 30+ citizens came together to deliver public comments that were in opposition to Shelby County Health Department’s policies.

These citizens spoke eloquently, sharing stories about how they, their friends, businesses, and families had been harmed by the government overreach being advanced under the guise of fighting COVID-19.

In other words, the Commission was angry that so many plebes showed up to give their opinions.

The immediate reaction of some commissioners was laughable, if not predictable. Commissioner Van Turner said the night had been a “dog whistle” (code for “racist”), and asked where these folks were when black children were killed. Commissioner and Tami Sawyer pointed out that the COVID policies had impacted her dating life negatively this year.

The easiest way to shut up the citizenry is to simply ban them from government, and the Shelby County Commission has taken the easy way out.

Shutting the citizenry out will not have the effect they want. There is to be a protest in front of the Commission Building Monday, December 7 at 3:00. Dozens of Citizens will show up to express their displeasure.

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