Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s Hypocritical Covid Response (With Pics!)

Update September 14, 4:55 PM: CCOT erroneously attributed the photo to Tennessee Stands. The photo was actually posted on State Senator Jack Johnson’s Facebook page.

Bill Lee is being sued by Tennessee Stands, and for good reason. The Tennessee Constitution reserves the power of creating law to the General Assembly and prohibits them from delegating said powers. Bill Lee’s exclusive valid emergency power pertaining to creating law is calling the General Assembly into session.

When Lee delegated mask mandate authority to the county mayors, many of us were perplexed. You see, it simply didn’t make sense for Lee to issue this authority to others when he himself did not have it. This is rule by fiat, not representative government. Lee also gave reopening discretion to the county health departments of the four largest metro areas, effectively granting Democrats control over the economy and ensuring reopening would be slowed to a snail’s pace.

While this is interesting and worthy of further writing, the point of this article is Bill Lee’s hypocrisy on the issue of masks.

You see, Bill Lee has run an ad campaign at taxpayer expense called “Face it.” Here is one of the ads, the point of which seems to be that if you don’t wear a mask, you hate your family, small business, UT football, and are stupid. If you don’t wear a mask. Thus, we clearly see how important masks are to Governor Lee and the Republican Leadership.

Unfortunately, we also see that Bill Lee is quite hypocritical on this issue, wanting masks for thee, but not for he. Or other Republican leadership (transparency disclaimer: CCOT typically aligns with Republican policy).

State Senator Jack Johnson, Senator Marsha Blackburn, Gov. Bill Lee, and Sec. Tre Hargett show off their beautiful mask free faces while plebes in the background dutifully wear their masks. Photo credit: Senator Jack Johnson’s Facebook page

Bill Lee always had nice hair during the pandemic, but we haven’t had any images showing his hypocrisy on the issue of masks until now; there was no wash and blow Pelosi scandal.

What is worse: illegal orders, or acting hypocritically?

We’ll take a side of “both.”

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