Judd Matheny Endorsed by Conservative Christians of Tennessee for 6th District Congressional Seat

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Judd Matheny currently represents Tennessee’s 47th House District in the State Legislature. We’re proud to endorse him as he runs for US Congress.

It is a rare pleasure to find a candidate who strongly embodies the values of Conservative Christians of Tennessee (CCOT). Judd Matheny is such a candidate, and we are pleased to fully endorse Mr. Matheny for the 6th District Congressional Seat.Matthew Nowlin, CCOT’s 2018 Director of Campaign Analysis, says “With many representatives, we see a sad pattern. They breathe fire in their freshman and sophomore terms and then fizzle out. Judd Matheny hasn’t done that. Instead, he has performed consistently and grown even bolder in his support of traditional, conservative, Christian values.” CCOT’s endorsement of Judd Matheny is based on:

  1. his opposition to abortion exemplified by his 100% pro-life voting record
  2. his support of traditional marriage, and his recognition that marriage can only exist between one man and one woman,
  3. his recognition of the right to keep and bear arms, along with his strong support of the Second Amendment,
  4. his strong opposition to illegal immigration,
  5. his support of religious liberty,
  6. his support of limited government through fewer regulations and lower taxes,
  7. his support of intelligent national security, border security, and immigration policies, including a border wall
  8. his quick action stopping Nashville from declaring as a sanctuary city and voting for anti-sanctuary city bills in Tennessee,
  9. his support for strict enforcement of immigration policy.

View the full press release regarding CCOT Judd Matheny Endorsement.

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