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Third Time Around — by George Grant

The question on the back cover of George Grant’s Third Time Around, A History of the Pro-Life Movement from the First Century to the Present, is really simple: Did the pro-life movement begin as a result of Roe V Wade?

To that end, Grant says “Christians during this epoch understood only too well the Biblical mandate to “not merely love in word and tongue but in action and truth” (1 John 3:18). Thus, the church’s unanimity on the sanctity of human life was not merely rhetorical; it was translated into action. Homes for girls in crisis were established, maternity and foundling hospitals were endowed, lobbying efforts were begun, legislation was enacted, research was funded, and direct action rescues were launched.”

The book is a well sourced and thoughtful study of the complexities of this issue and draws from a number of sources including Gary North and Francis Schaefer. Grant is a phenomenal student of research and theology and the insights provided here are clearly in line with traditional Christian teachings.

You can order a copy of Grant’s “Third Time around” Here.

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