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Fighting the Jackson Tennessee Drag Show

Some Recent Background on Tennessee’s Drag Show Problem

It has been troubling to see the proliferation of drag shows targeting children across Tennessee in the last several years. The first such show we recall in the state was at a Public Library in Montgomery County several years ago. A drag show in Chattanooga occurred within the last several weeks, and videos of inappropriate touching of clothing over an adult man’s genitals by a small child caused national disgust – but no action by Chattanooga Police, or the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department. Recently, Memphis’s Pink Palace became a hotspot for this wicked, child abusing activity. We thank God that He answered the prayers of Christians and that this particular Drag Show did not happen.

The Pink Palace drag show cancellation occurred with a startling lack of involvement by local elected conservative leaders. Christians prayed, and Christians called the police.

In Jackson, TN, we have the opposite of a lack of response by elected officials. Scott Conger, mayor of Jackson, has supported the drag show. He’s truly taken it under his wing, defending the show and even moving it to a less public (to protestors at least) venue in the civic center. Essentially, he is getting the local government behind a type of show in which adult men regularly wave their genitals and fake breasts in the face of children. We believe that such shows not only violate God’s law and basic morality, but Tennessee’s Cabaret laws.

Between the lack of action by most elected officials and Conger’s embrace of his local drag show, it is clear that we have a morally challenged ruling class in Tennessee. This isn’t a problem with Democrats or Republicans. Mayor Conger is a politician trying to pass himself off as a non-affiliated centrist. Problems like this which highlight existential differences in values and worldview are more like an affliction on our society than a difference of opinion. They bring to the mind of Christians the question asked in Psalm 94.3: “LORD, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?”

The Wicked Won’t Win

We have good promises from God, one of which is pointed out by Gary North in The Sinai Strategy.

North writes:

“In contrast to the compounding process of evil, which is cut short after a few generations, stands God’s promise to show mercy to thousands of those who keep His commandments… What God is saying is that the works of evil will be cut short, sometimes after three or four generations, and sometimes immediately. The process of compound growth for the sinners will not go on forever, in contrast to the compounding process for· the righteous. The evils of the sinners overtake them; their cup becomes full and they are destroyed. But for the righteous man and the righteous society, the cup runneth over (Ps. 23:5b).”

There have been some who have quitted themselves like men in this fight (1 Cor. 16:13). One such man is Pastor Dale Walker of Tennessee Pastor’s Network, who has been fighting this, and other sinful phenomena, for some time in our state. While Pastor Walker’s efforts have been righteous and encouraging, he is not an elected official. He isn’t in government. In fact, we really haven’t seen many champions in Government. The state has been silent, discriminating against the lawful in favor of the lawless.

Encouraging Developments

Thankfully, there have been new developments in the fight against the Drag Shows. On September 17, Tennessee State Representative Chris Todd of Jackson, TN stated in a Facebook post: “I continue to hear from Madison Countians APPALLED at the possibility of a drag queen show in Conger Park. I share your shock and sentiment. If Mayor Conger or City officials have approved (allowed) this event, then they are clearly ignoring the law. I intend to see that the law is upheld!”

The significance of Rep. Todd’s statement was found in the fact that that he is the first member of the General Assembly of which we are aware to have the backbone to stand straight against the Alphabet Army on this drag show child targeting issue. We didn’t see Senators Todd Gardenhire or Bo Watson issuing statements or taking action on the Chattanooga Drag show. Representative John Gillespie was silent on the Pink Palace Drag show.

Representative Chris Todd is breaking new ground and from what we can see he is standing alone.

Because he is standing alone, we must pray for, and support Rep. Todd. He is going to be targeted spiritually and physically by those who stand against basic morality.

A Line in the Sand

Representative Todd has taken many steps to fight against this drag show. A brief accounting of only the things that we are aware of is as follows: Rep. Todd Met with Mayor Conger, he met with Sheriff Julian Wiser, he met with Police Chief Thom Corley, he discussed the issue with (or called with no return contact) multiple city council members, coordinated with multiple local churches on a response, helped coordinate a community prayer event, and lastly filed an injunction to stop this event. Additionally, there have been many behind the scenes discussions of which we are not specifically aware.

That’s right. Last night, Wednesday, October 6, we learned that Rep. Todd has filed an injunction in court to stop the drag portion of the event which is being held at the Carl Perkins Civic Center. There is a hearing scheduled regarding this injunction on Friday, October 7 at 9:00 am.

Action Items

Prayer Rally Saturday, October 8, 2022 from 3-5pm. The address is 1730 US-45 BYP, Jackson, TN 38305

As Christians, we are first called to pray. God often tied the hands of the Israelites before they went into battle as a reminder that He was their deliverer. There is a prayer rally scheduled on Saturday, October 8 at 5pm on the lawn of Cumberland Presbyterian Church at 1730 US-45 BYP, Jackson, TN 38305. Prayer is our first and last resort. We encourage you to pray Psalm 94, which seems to be an appropriate prayer guide for times such as these.

Second, we encourage you to contact Rep. Todd’s office at (615) 741-7475. Thank him for his leadership on this issue, and let him know you support him. Pray for Rep. Todd’s safety, and for the safety of his family.

Next, pray for the folks putting on this drag show. In the past, the medical community would have tried to help the minds of these folks. Thankfully, the Lord can still touch them. Pray that he does.

Pray for law enforcement, both city and county. Pray for safety, discernment, vigilance, and that they “will not bear the sword in vain,” as Romans 13.4 proclaims.

We must also pray for Scott Conger, the mayor of Jackson, TN. At one time, we made the statement that we felt Conger was “acting in a cowardly, spineless manner.” We’d like to amend that. While that is true, Mayor Conger is also acting boldly. Boldly in the interests of child groomers, and his refusal to discriminate between good and evil should be of great concern to his constituents. It is easy for politicians to get lost in the Zeitgeist. Thankfully, Christians serve the one true God – a God who welcomes repentance. Pray that the Lord would pierce Conger’s heart with the truth.

Christians Have Hope in the End, Regardless

Christian, life can seem in one moment to be a never ending tome of suffering and in the next to be as brief as the life of vapor leaving a boiling pot. Thankfully, God has given us the Bible. From it, we are not only taught how to govern our communities and ourselves, but given a sense of perspective. By faith, Christ “dwells in your hearts,” and you are “rooted and grounded in love (Eph. 3.17)”

The battle isn’t over. In the end, THE LORD wins.

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