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Why Tennessee isn’t Part of San Francisco’s Abortion Travel Ban

Certain leaders in Tennessee have proven themselves to be very sensitive to the opinions of large corporations and other states. For example, when SB1236 was making its way through the Senate Judiciary Committee in April, the word on the street was that the last thing Lt. Governor Randy McNally wanted was for abortion law to be made more restrictive.

Word from those who know is that the Lt. Governor looked at how Hollywood threatened to treat Georgia when it was on the cusp of passing legislation to restrict abortion in the state state, and that he began quaking with a case over over-consumptive pragmatism. If Hollywood was being that mean to Georgia for its abortion laws, then surely the NFL would cancel it’s huge draft day in Nashville! Georgia didn’t cave to these threats, but unfortunately Hollywood kept its corrupting influence in their state. Tennessee kept the NFL Draft Money.

The Point of the Article without Necessary Aspersions

On October 21, Fox News published an article about a travel ban out in place by San Francisco. This travel ban specifically targeted states whose abortion laws were so good that they hurt the sensibilities of those San Franciscans inclined to encourage the murder of unborn persons. Take a look at the bolded states below. We added the bolding because these states all border Tennessee, and they all passed more restrictive abortion laws in 2019.

The states being blacklisted by San Francisco for their “severe anti-choice policies” are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Fox News

Tennessee isn’t being blacklisted by San Francisco for a reason: Tennessee’s laws against abortion are weak.

In fact, Tennessee’s laws against abortion are so weak that we have termed the state an “abortion sanctuary state.” Others have called Tennessee an “abortion tourism state.” If you live in a state that borders Tennessee, one that passed stricter abortion laws in 2019 and was incidentally bolded above, you can hop in your car and come here. You will find sanctuary to have your abortion.

Many folks from out of the state are having their abortion in Tennessee. We wrote about this earlier this year after abortion clinics self-reported with pride that the number of abortions across the state were increasing.

The Necessary Aspersions

In order to achieved bolded status on the list above, your state has to be adjacent to Tennessee and have bold leadership – bold leadership in the fight against abortion. And that is exactly what we saw in 2019. Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and Mississippi all passed tough abortion legislation.

Sadly, Tennessee has not had bold leadership at the top of the Republican Party on the issue of abortion in the last year. In fact, the only thing bold about Tennessee’s leadership on the issue of abortion has been its bold opposition to Senator Pody’s SB1236.

Note ote that Lt. Governor Randy McNally shared earlier this year that it was more important to him to “preserve the integrity of the committee system” than to pass SB1236. In fact, he shot down SB1236’s recall from committee specifically to preserve the committee system.

Lt. Governor McNally said this after he violated parliamentary procedure while killing Senator Mark Pody’s motion to recall SB1236, taking only a voice vote. Read what he said after he killed SB1236 immediately passing. His first priority is at the end of the first sentence.

That’s right. McNally wasn’t ashamed that SB1236 wouldn’t make it to court sooner so that it could save lives faster. Instead, McNally was proud that he voted to protect the committee system.

Why the big deal about the committee system? If you don’t follow state politics, this explanation will help you understand what the man behind the curtain is really saying, because saying he acted to protect the committee system doesn’t clearly say the reason the Lt. Governor acted the way he did. This is a whitewashed and incomplete statement.

To understand, ask these questions: Who controls the committee system? Who controls the committee chairmen? Whose power was most threatened by Senator Pody’s bold attempt to force a vote on SB1236?

Lt. Governor Randy McNally acted the way he did because Mark Pody threatened his power in a way no Senator has dared to do. That is why protecting the committee system is more important to Randy McNally than protecting unborn persons. His actions prove his priorities. His statement on Facebook puts any remaining doubts to sleep. There may be denials on these issues, but they are clearly not honest in nature.

We must also recall to you that Senator Mike Bell has hidden behind committee procedure in keeping Pody’s bill from getting an actual vote. Tennessee Right to Life told Bell to kill the bill, and he has done his best to do so. As Bell said, he isn’t a leader, just a foot soldier.

In summary, the reason San Francisco’s liberals are still paying big bucks to send their heathen city officials to Tennessee is that Mike Bell, Randy McNally, and Tennessee Right to Life have kept us off a list of honorable states.

And in the meantime, thousands of babies have been aborted in Tennessee.

In January of 2020, this must be changed. With God’s help, it will be changed.

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Joan Dishman October 30, 2019 at 9:14 am

Please, in order to keep us safe, do not let us become a sanctuary state. By agreeing to accept illegals is the first step. If you will notice, I did say illegals NOT refugees. We voted for you because you are suppose to be a Christian and we thought you would do what is better for TN. Again, please don’t let us down. Thank you.


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