Conservative Christians of Tennessee

Governor of Tennessee:

Bill LeeBest Choice

Tennessee House of Representatives

District 39 – R.C. Heltonbest choice.

District 57 – Aaron Shane – best choice

District 96 – Patricia Possel – endorsed



We utilize a 3 tier system in making voting recommendations.

Endorsed candidates are those we feel privileged to vote for. These are candidates with fruit in their lives that indicates a conservative, Christian worldview along with the wisdom and maturity to effectively work towards implementing legislation that is grounded in a Christian (and therefore constitutional) worldview.

Best Choice candidates are just that: the best choice available. A best choice candidate is either unproven or flawed. If an opposing candidate is particularly bad, best choice candidates become more important than they would otherwise be.

No Choice recommendations indicate that there is no compelling candidate to vote for in an election. If there is no good choice in a race, begin praying about the next election, asking the Lord to provide someone with a Christian worldview to fill the seat.