Conservative Christians of Tennessee

If you are a candidate seeking “Endorsement” or “Best Choice” status from Conservative Christians of Tennessee, please reply to the below survey, which is available to either print here, or to download as one of three attachment types: .rtf, .doxc, or .pdf.

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PDF: 2018 Tennessee Candidate Survey
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Tennessee Legislature Candidate Questionnaire

Candidate questionnaire for those wishing consideration for “Endorsement” or “Best Choice” from Conservative Christians of Tennessee

Please answer the following questions with either “Support”/”Oppose” or “Yes”/”No”. Where an explanation is requested, please be brief. Further comments/explanations may be attached to this questionnaire.

Defense of Innocent Life
1. Does life begin at conception?

2.Should the relevant civil authorities do everything in their power to restrict abortion and punish doctors who perform abortions regardless of Federal law or court opinion?

3.Should Tennessee support euthanasia under any circumstances?

Freedom of Religion
4. Do private citizens have the right to express their faith as part of their conduct in running their businesses?

Public Symbolism, History, and Heritage
5. Should the Ten Commandments be displayed publicly on Government property and buildings such as courthouses and schools?

6. Should the National Motto, “In God We Trust,” be displayed in Schools and other public properties in Tennessee?

7. Do you support the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act?

Taxation and Private Property
8. Do you hereby pledge to not vote to increase taxes? This includes agreeing to not implement new taxes, increase existing tax rates, or vote to continue any expiring taxation schemes.

9. Have you ever supported any tax increases? If so, list one of the most significant (monetarily or politically) and explain why you supported it.

10. Should Tennessee’s Citizens have the right to self-determination (home-rule) regarding municipal governance

11. Do you support legislation which would create a process for areas annexed by municipalities without a local vote to be able to deannex themselves from any municipality of which they are a part?

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
12. Do you favor unrestricted 2nd Amendment Rights, including the Constitutional Right to carry a concealed gun without a gun permit?

13. In case of national emergency, hurricane disaster, or martial law, do your support the federal, state, or local government being able to remove or confiscate guns from citizens?

14. Do you support the government being able to confiscate guns for “mental health” reasons?

15. Do you support the ability for a judge to confiscate guns from divorced/separated fathers based on a wife’s fear for the safety of their children

16. Should federal gun laws that violate the Second Amendment be enforced by the State of Tennessee?

17. Should it be legal to carry a gun in any public place such as businesses open to the public (stores or restaurants), churches, schools, or government buildings?

Educational Policy
18. Should there be public prayer and Bible reading in government schools?

19. Do you support the restoration of Federal Common Core Standards (also known as College and Career Ready Standards) in Tennessee classrooms?

20. Do you support the reading of pornographic Common Core books (e.g., The Bluest Eye and Dreaming in Cuban) and the use of books that teach socialism in Tennessee Public Schools (e.g., A People’s History of the United States)

21. Should creationism be taught in public schools?

22. Should the public education system be allowed to teach in support of worldviews that are contrary to God’s Word, i.e., homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex, atheism, evolution, Islam, socialism, and/or communism?

23. Do you support any restrictions, regulations, or taxation on private Christian or homeschool education beyond those that Tennessee or federal law currently require?

24. Do you support school vouchers to enable parents to choose their school of choice, public, private, home?

25. Do you support the right of parents to make all decisions regarding the medical well-being of their children, including decisions regarding vaccinations?

26. Do you support or oppose a rewrite of the Tennessee Constitution?

27. Do you support or oppose the Convention of States Project or an Article V Constitutional Convention?

28. Do you pledge to uphold and defend the Tennessee Constitution?

29. Have you read the U.S. Constitution, and will you uphold and support a strict originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution?

30. Is the definition of marriage only between a man and a woman?

31. Should the state of Tennessee issue marriage licenses to any groups other than a group consisting of one man and one woman?

32. Do you support anti-discrimination laws based on sexual orientation?

33. Should the legislature and governor nullify Obergefell v. Hodges?

34. Do you support any state or federal expansion of medicaid/medicare?

States’ Rights
35. Do you support the right of a state to assert their 10th Amendment rights through nullification?

36. Would you support legislation requiring all Tennessee Sheriff’s departments to participate in the “Delegation of Immigration Authority Section 287(g) Immigration and Nationality Act” partnership with ICE?

37. Should Tennessee oppose relocation of foreign nationals into its borders who hate our way of life?
38. Should state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency or departments surveil or collect any electronic records or communications such as the metadata of phone calls, recording of phone calls, tracking of cell phone user locations, text messages, email, and social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) usage or comments without a specific court order? Why or why not?

39. Should use of “Stingray” or other IMSI-Catcher devices be allowed without a warrant? Why or why not?
Free Speech
40. Do you believe that large social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are natural monopolies and function as a de facto public square and thus First Amendment rights must be enforced on those platforms?

Judicial Supremacy
41. Do you support or oppose Judicial Supremacy? Why or why not?

42. Do you support restoring the proper check on the judicial branch as originally intended by the framers of the U.S. and Tennessee constitutions?

Please list any further comments on the above questions and attach separately. Be sure to specify the question number. Indicate if an attachment was made by circling one of the following: Attachment made / Attachment Not Made

Please answer the following questions with a brief answer and include any additional explanation you deem necessary.

  1. Who are the other candidates in the race, Democrat, Republican, other? Explain why you are the better candidate.
  2. What are the 3 most important issues in your campaign, and your position on them?



  1. Are you born again? Please state your personal relationship with God.
  1. Do you believe the Bible is divinely inspired and without error, and is to be the ultimate authority for all matters of conduct?
  1. Of what local church are you a member in good standing and regular attendance?
  1. Would you submit to church discipline if you were found to be ruling, governing, or acting contrary to the Word of God or had committed a seriously immoral act while in office? Why or why not?
  1. Romans 13 teaches that civil authorities are ordained by God as His servants in order to punish evil-doers and serve those doing good. Ultimately, what standard of morality must be enforced and what standard of evil must be punished?
  1. What should be the ultimate source, standard, and basis of all laws or court rulings? Explain why.
  1. If a law of man contradicts the law of God, which law should be upheld regardless of consequences? Explain why.
  1. If a higher authority ordered you to do something which was either (1) a violation of the state or U.S. Constitution or (2) a violation of the Law of God, what would be your response and why?