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We have a solution – but you are too cowardly to do it.

Get out your magnifying glass because you wicked people are going to parse every word you are about to read. You will apply racist, hateful, duplicitous, and nonsensical meanings to sentences that are loving and caring for all.

You will call “up,” “down.”

You will say, “the sky is green” not “blue.”

Yet in the end, the truths I am about to share with you are still the only fix for what is killing America. No, you don’t get a 3rd or 4th way. Yes, I am absolutely unmovable on this.

Before you get to the fixes, you have accept the truth that America needs God. If you don’t agree with the foundational principle that “our nation was built upon Judeo-Christian principles,” we can’t look for solutions in harmony.

Go back and read that again. You can’t pass “go”, you can’t collect $200. You either understand that single thought or you are wrong. I realize many tender souls have never read such harsh language, or been told they are wrong. But they are still wrong. And I say that fully understanding that those same “virgin ears” also watch every dastardly Netflix show of wickedness and violence. And yes even Dr. Strange said there was only one way forward. So, no I don’t think for one second that I am too harsh. You can take the truth.

Based on that truth, the solution is short and sweet:

1 Everything the government touches it destroys. 

Mental health and criminal behavior have both become a disaster as we socialized what was the best medical system in the world by adopting Obamacare. We must return to free market healthcare and get the government out of healthcare in this decade.

2 Gun laws are words on paper that only law abiding citizens will follow. 

These laws have no affect on criminals or mentally defective people. Why do you think more laws will stop criminals from being criminal? Or self-destructive people from hurting others? Gun laws are not a fix for criminal behavior or mental healthcare.

3 All laws are based on someone’s morality. 

Our nation was founded on some great and some not so great ideas. We established freedom, lawful governance, financial growth, expanded education, and were able to keep that all in order until the 1900’s when we decided there is no God and all the laws have to accept people who think that way. We must return to a God-based premise for governance or we will never return to a functional system of government. There are fixes for crime and the judiciary if we follow the blueprint we know works. Schools? Same answer. Marriage? Yep, same answer. No matter what issue you drag up, rinse and repeat.

That’s it.

Now go hate on me more, because compromise is what got us here and only by planting a flag and standing firm against more of this godless drift will we stand a chance at having a future.

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