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The United States of Satan

As I watched and listened to the drama around this week’s Supreme Court arguments on the topic of religious protections, I began to understand that the stark contrasting visuals of the Satanic Church protestors, standing boldly in opposition to the nation’s highest court is a much more important precedent than most Christian or secular Americans would dare to consider.

I would even be bold enough to say any American who really gave some thought to what we just watched might be stricken with a cold sense of dread.

The oral arguments in the 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis case have finally reached the Supreme Court. I have been following this closely for many reasons. This, to me, is a case that could either return American principles to a free form of moral governance, or formally enshrine a humanistic state religion. Thus, it is necessary and good to see this case argued in our nation’s highest secular court. The answers to the questions posed by 303 Creative LLC v. Ellen’s will touch areas fundamental to making America work as a nation, areas essential to the question we ask so often: “What are we conserving?” The battle lines formed from these decisions will steer our nation’s trajectory, determining the answer to whether we are a nation built on Christian principles.

Lorie Smith, owner of 303 Creative in Colorado, has taken a principled religious stand based on the suppositions that America was founded on truth and individual religious liberties. If her case is struck down we would see a tectonic shift in American assumptions about our individual religious rights. Can a state dictate that your religion must bend to the ever changing whims of LGBT armies? Can any state, or government force you to take work from/for any group you do not want to do business with due to religious prerogatives? Can creatives and craftspeople be forced by a government agency to offer up a person’s ability to anyone no matter who or what they represent? These are the questions of the 303 Creative case. They are huge questions that speak volumes about whether the original American constitution is still the law of the land. These questions will decide if families and churches are able to function and preach as they wish.

Media voices are attempting to paint this as a complex issue, but it is not. The key element behind these questions is simple; are you free to worship as our founders intended? And I would add if not, is that not an admission that there is now a new official state religion that supports humanistic socialism?

Follow with me here; if SCOTUS decides Christian religious thoughts and principles are not correct or allowed, then the state is making the bold claim that our Christian God and teachings are not real or the basis for truth, law and governance. At that moment, we crossed the Rubicon. The state is from that point on, evangelizing for and against something. You might even argue that this is at the point our government would be classified as a religion. Disagree? Ok, but keep in mind that in today’s vocabulary religion is defined as, “a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.”

Cake baker Jack Philips’ fight was a similar case and I was pleased to see him win. But it took over a decade and the state of Colorado still insists that the case was decided incorrectly. To this day, the cowardly state officials have allowed his business to be harassed and vilified by many people trying to force him to just “bake the cake”. So while he won, Masterpiece Cake Shop was publicly sullied by the state efforts. Everyone I know that has met Phillips says he’s not bitter. He still bakes cookies and cupcakes to give out no matter what your sexual preference may be. And he still insists he is grateful to be able to share his faith especially through his craft. He’s still friendly to all people. And from what I see, he is still centered on using his gifts and work as service unto the Lord.

We were left with a disturbing image this week: red capes, black boots, and black hoods acting as sacramental garb for Satanists as they stood against the contrast of the giant white columns of justice which decorated the Supreme Court behind them. One sign held proudly for all to see read “the future is Satan’s” as the sign holder’s group cried out against the freedom of religious expression for a Christian. The image itself was dramatic, but it almost went unnoticed. The reality was most news outlets in our nation never give it a second thought or a moment of airtime. 

The opposition of formal Christianity is no longer even newsworthy because the media is so openly opposed to Christianity. We often see witches and satanists at pro-life rallies and political protests.

So this latest protest and its boldness is simply not exciting, because it is the new normal. It’s not breaking news for Journalists in post Christian America. Today journalists are like everyone else, they have new gods. They have been conditioned, educated and trained to believe that the need for the God of scripture is gone, and that anything done or built before on the God we serve is useless. All the voices, offices and organizations of news media and most churches are a cacophony of moralistic deism and promotion of new sacraments. Gone are the days of announcing bar mitzvahs and baptisms. Instead, our media overlords want us to shout our abortions and celebrate the “coming out” of confused humans suffering from sexual dysphoria.

But don’t be confused here, this new age and its devotees are highly religious. They have many sacraments: Voting, Abortion, Public Healthcare, Gender, No-Fault Divorce, and Public/Government Schools, while our old Christian sacraments, holidays, and traditions are the new blasphemy.

This new religion is based on worshiping the government and the gods of this world. And the government institutions of America are 100% controlled, guided and molded by people doing the will of Satan. America is no longer a God-honoring, God-fearing institution of individual freedom.

The new church in America is a religion in which leftist news outlets are the catechism of the masses. Progressive journalists own all the schools of thought; they own all the ivory towers and the real estate of the universities. The modern media parishes have more priests televangelising from sun up to sun down than Jimmy Swaggart or TBN ever dreamed possible.

The priests of this new church all wear their vestiture with pride. The NY Post shows off the glory of one such high priest that is in the Nuclear Energy Department. Sam Brinton is an anointed saint of this new church. No media dares critique him, and no news station dares to tell any details of how he was arrested for stealing thousands of dollars in luggage while traveling for work dressed as a woman. Because Sam is a man by birth and by genetics but chooses to identify as something different. Yet his sins can always be forgiven by the media priests. Because of Sam’s proven loyalty to the new church, crimes like theft are washed away in their rainbow baptism. But if you as a Christian ever decided to stand outside an abortion clinic, the FBI would send swat teams to take you away — because the left will protect their religious sacraments at all cost.

Zoomers and Millennials hear all this and you can see their eyes roll back in their heads. Thats partially our fault as their teachers. It’s been a long time since we were honest with them. The Church of Jesus in America has failed them — but not Jesus. Christ has not changed. The Truth of the Bible is still 100% solid. Yet America failed to teach that truth and to stand on that Truth. It is our failure as Christians to stand for the America of Christian principles. After all that is precisely what got us here. Weak men and weak church leadership have eroded the status of the Church as teacher and community leader. We have now seen four generations of cowards and that has destroyed, in no particular order, the churches, seminaries, denominations, families, politics and schools of America.

So now the media and their new god have taken over that place as the spiritual voice for our nation. And Satan will gladly lead his converts into their new path of marxist enlightenment and eternal damnation. It’s an easy job now that the Southern Baptists are too scared to claim our nation was founded on Christian principles.

Who will stand up and speak for today’s generation?

Today’s young men will not grow up knowing what men look like because the media only show weak men and sexualized women. These media priests don’t care to share stories of great families that stay together for 50 years. Young women will never see the glory of a happy family portrayed in Hollywood as a godly life goal. Family and marriage are nothing but terms and definitions that they can rewrite every few years to match their god’s desires.

Even the media was not always a sworn mouthpiece for evil. Coming generations will never know or appreciate the rigorous work ethic of Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow.  Nor will they believe the stories of journalists who went to prison rather than give up their sources. Why would any of today’s high priests of the media sanctuary ever suffer in such a way? We have CNN reporters caught on video “pleasuring themselves” yet they still remain a front line messenger for this new church. If you will just say that the God that created the universe is not real, you too can find absolution for any sin.

So all this brings me back to my original dilemma. What will the next generation look to for truth and basis for government? Will it be possible to claim there is freedom of religion? Or do those ideas die under the boot of state sponsored religion?

That’s why the satanists are here. They are willing to stand up and take the reins. They are emboldened by the support they see in all areas of the new government. They are standing outside the supreme court. Because they are engaged in this battle. They know that if they can get rid of the last few American ideas, namely freedom of religion, then they win. They know that if America is not a Christian nation the enemies of the one true God have defeated a nation to honor their god.

So choose you this day. Because the enemies of God have.

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