Patricia Possel Endorsed for Tennessee House District 96

Candidate Photo Possel
Patricia “Patti” Possel is our endorsed candidate for Tennessee House District 96.

Conservative Christian of Tennessee (CCOT) is proud to endorse Patricia “Patti” Possel the Tennessee House of Representatives as the 96th District representative.

Matthew Nowlin, Director of CCOT’s 2018 election analysis says “There are only a few candidates statewide that I’m this excited about. Mrs. Possel has put herself on the line regarding the deannexation effort in Cordova, but in that process she has created a network of individuals around Tennessee that give this effort a lot of credibility. Thanks to her, this isn’t just a Shelby County/Memphis issue – there are other abused areas of Tennessee that now have a realistic hope of detaching themselves from municipalities that didn’t give them a voice in whether or not they were annexxed.”

CCOT’s endorsement of Mrs. Possel is based on:
1. her stated view that life begins at conception,
2. her record of consistent, constructive work regarding the right of municipalities and other forms of government to self-determination (home-rule),
3. her strong, stated support of the Second Amendment without reservation,
4. her support for educational vouchers for both private and homeschooling scenarios.


Read our full press release and rationale here: Endorsement of Patti Possel.

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