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No More Murder By Mail!

We are pleased to see the “Abortion by Mail” bill (SB2281 HB2416) is heading to the desk for Governor Bill Lee’ signature. This bill puts an end to the horrible murder by mail practice that we watched play out on live TV last year. Thank you for reaching out to your representatives to make sure your voice was heard on this issue. We prayed for this outcome and hope you will continue to be ready to step up and use your voice when issues like this arise.

“The wicked strut about on every side when vileness is exalted among the sons of men.” – Psalm 12:8

The 2022 legislative session is coming to a rapid close and unfortunately most of pro-life bills were scuttled by our legislators. Legislators gave a host of reasons for not supporting various bills this session – none of which were more important than protecting the lives of the unborn. Despite such weak leadership, we rejoice know that a few new steps have been taken in the journey to end the wickedness of abortion.

We are grateful to see a handful of legislators who took a stand for pro life this year and ran some bills we hope to see some of these ideas brought back next year. Praise the Lord for the steps we made this year and please pray for wisdom in the days to come.

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