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Guinness World Records names 23-year-old Chihuahua mix from Ohio world’s oldest living dog

According to the Guinness World Records, the world’s oldest living dog is a 23-year-old Chihuahua mix in Ohio.

Spike, who was 23 years and 43 days old on Dec. 7, 2022, is approximately 9 inches tall and 12.9 pounds. 

His owner, Rita Kimball, found him in the parking lot of a Camden, Ohio, grocery store over 13 years ago. He was believed to be 10 years old at the time.

“He had been shaved up his back, had blood stains around his neck from a chain or rope, and looked pretty rough,” Kimball told GWR. “The clerk in the grocery told us he had been there for three days, and they were feeding him scraps.”


When her family left the store and entered the parking lot, Kimball said Spike followed them. Not knowing who he belonged to, she decided to give him a home on her small farm.

The Chihuahua’s name was inspired by a cartoon dog known for its large size and aggressive disposition. Kimball said even though her Spike is small and friendly, he does have the attitude of a big dog.

She said the only time he acts in stereotypical Chihuahua fashion is when he is pet by a stranger.

“He is friendly but since he’s almost blind and hard of hearing, he gets testy at times and just wants to be left alone,” she said.


Kimball attributes her pup’s long life to having a “solid routine,” a healthy diet, room to roam, daily exercise, and unlimited love and attention.

She said Spike starts his day between 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. – sometimes he likes to eat breakfast immediately, and sometimes he doesn’t. He spends some time visiting the cows, horses and barn cats in the family’s barn before going back to the house for a nap on the porch in preparation for the day.

On the weekends during summer, Rita will take him on walks through their rural hometown.

“There’s always something to do on a farm; we cut wood, clean out fence rows, bale hay and harvest crops,” she said, adding that Spike ends a long work week with a bath on Saturday evening.

Kimball said Spike occasionally enjoys braunschweiger with cheese for dinner and sometimes indulges in his favorite chips, Doritos.

Some of his favorite hobbies are napping and playing with the house cat. He also enjoys hiding his toy fox around the house.

Kimball contacted Guinness World Records after seeing the former oldest living dog, Pebbles, on an episode of “Jimmy Fallon” and realizing her pup was older. Pebbles died in October 2022 at 22-years-old.

“Most of our family knew that Spike was old but didn’t know he had a shot at being the oldest in the world,” Kimball said. “Now that he is a record holder, they see him as a celebrity.”

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