Day 4, District 4 – Senator Jon Lundberg

Senator Jon Lundberg

Senator Jon Lundberg represents Carter, Johnson, and Sullivan Counties. He is a Christian – Presbyterian, specifically. He is 1st Vice-Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. A Captain in the US Navy Reserve, he is in the Bristol Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce, and the Bristol Chamber of Commerce among other things.

Senator Lundberg is critical to the passage of SB1236. We don’t know where he stands on the bill. In the summer study, we don’t personally recall him asking any questions or saying anything (he probably did and we probably weren’t there). We hope this is because he was being reflective and taking in everything that was happening. A lot was going on.

Map of Senate District 4, Represented by Senator Jon Lundberg.

A great verse to pray over is Proverbs 21.1. Pray that our Sovereign God would direct the good Senator:

The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.

Proverbs 21.1 KJV

Prayer Points

  • Pray for Senator Lundberg. Ask that the Lord would bless him spiritually by increasing his longing for God’s word and presence, and that he would do the same for you.
  • Pray for the physical needs of all of District 4’s Constituents, and that the Lord would provide for believers so that they can faithfully minister to spiritual and physical needs.
  • Pray for women considering abortions. Pray that the Lord would draw them to men and women in His Kingdom who can minister to them.
  • Pray that their babies would be born happy and healthy, experience a full life, and know the Lord Jesus. Pray that Senator Lundberg would vote for SB1236 – the Personhood Bill. Pray that he would support the God Given Marriage Initiative.

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