Bill Lee: Conservative Christians of Tennessee’s “Best Choice” for Governor

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Bill Lee: Conservative Christians of Tennessee’s “Best Choice” for Tennessee Governor

Conservative Christians of Tennessee (CCOT) is proud to recognize Bill Lee as “Best Choice” for the Republican nomination for Governor of Tennessee.

“Mr. Lee is what we’re looking for: a strong Christian with a strong testimony combined with real executive experience from running and expanding an enterprise of some 1200 persons,” says Matthew Nowlin, Director of CCOT’s 2018 election analysis. “Bill Lee has had a consistent message of conservatism and has in his corner an excellent cadre of conservative advisors. He understands the 10th Amendment and its implications on issues of Federal overreach. We’re glad to see a gubernatorial candidate speak so clearly on issues of abortion, the right to keep and bear arms, and religious liberties.”

Read our full press release here: Bill Lee Best Choice for Tennessee Governor


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